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Message from President Lili Zhang

Mensaje de la Presidenta Lili Zhang

Toastmasters is a magical place. I stumbled upon Toastmasters by coincidence. At the time, I used to commute from San Diego to San Francisco weekly. In one of those rides, I met a lovely couple from Southern California. They told me I should join Toastmasters and gave me their club’s business card. I had no clue what Toastmasters was at the time. After searching for the nearest club, I took the chance to visit a local charter in my university. My first reactions were a quavering voice, a fast heartbeat, and sweaty hands. In a matter of months, I was comfortable giving speeches, evaluations, and reports. However, I wasn’t where I wanted to be on my Toastmasters journey until I found my first mentor. She was all I wanted to be someday, she was my role model. After hours of practice and mentoring, I finally felt like I was ready to conquer my fear of public speaking.

Now fast-forward 3 years, I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to reconnect with my culture. I wanted to find who I am. That is when I wanted to join Spanish Bilingual SF. For years, I focused on learning English as a second language that I had forgotten part of my Spanish vocabulary-it happens to anyone! I felt like I lost part of my identity. From the first moment I visited this club, I was ready to come back as a new member. It wasn’t easy to write speeches in Spanish in the beginning, but once I set my mind to it, I felt more confident to step up to the podium. Now I feel connected to not only my own culture, but also to other cultures and experiences.

Toastmasters is not only a place for public speaking and leadership. It is a magical place that nurtures individuals to be a better version of themselves. It challenges us to step out of our comfort zone, to conquer those first reactions: a quavering voice, a fast heartbeat, and sweaty hands, and to find who we are along with a supportive community. As President, I am committed to support each member of our bilingual community and continue the outstanding work from past leaders.

Lili Zhang

President, Spanish Bilingual SF Toastmasters

Who We Are

Quiénes Somos

As the only Spanish Bilingual club on the West Coast, Spanish Bilingual SF attracts and develops the type of individuals who are fully committed to personal and professional development. Whether your goal is confidence-building or polishing speeches for the workplace, our engaging and supportive community fosters confident speakers in both English and Spanish.

We are proud to have a prominent standing within the Toastmasters community. Our diverse and active members have achieved top awards and climbed the top ranks of Toastmasters International District Leadership! Our founder/sponsor, Noemí Gonzalez, is the District 4 Director for 2017-2018.

Como el único club bilingüe en español en el Norte de California, Spanish Bilingual SF atrae al tipo de personas que están realmente comprometidas a su desarrollo personal y profesional, y las desarrolla. Ya sea que tu meta sea desarrollar tu confianza en ti mismo/a o pulir tus discursos profesionales, nuestra comunidad cautivadora y alentadora crea oradores seguros de sí mismos tanto en inglés como en español.

Nos enorgullece tener un lugar prominente en la comunidad de Toastmasters. ¡Nuestros diversos y activos miembros han logrado obtener los premios más altos y han llegado a las esferas más altas del liderazgo a nivel distrito dentro de la estructura de Toastmasters International. Nuestra fundadora/patrocinadora, Noemí Gonzalez, es la Directora de Distrito 2017-2018.

Club Mission

Misión del Club

Our club strives to create a welcoming and supportive community of English and Spanish speakers in order to:

  • Help native speakers of both languages become more fluent in their 2nd language.

  • Enhance our overall communication and leadership skills.

  • Have a great time together in a challenging and fast-paced Toastmasters meeting.

  • Celebrate our successes after the meeting with tacos, cerveza, or tequila!

Nuestro club se esfuerza en crear una comunidad acogedora y alentadora de anglo e hispanoparlantes, con el fin de:

  • Ayudar a los hablantes nativos de ambos idiomas a lograr una mayor fluidez en su segundo idioma.

  • Mejorar, en general, nuestras dotes de liderazgo y comunicación.

  • Divertirnos juntos en reuniones de Toastmasters estimulantes y de buen ritmo.

  • ¡Celebrar nuestros éxitos después de las reuniones con tacos, cerveza o tequila¡



Spanish Bilingual SF Toastmasters was founded on April 9, 2015. The club was sponsored by Noemí Gonzalez, then a Toastmasters Area Director. Noemí is bilingual: in fact, a professional interpreter. Tapping the growing need for both native and non-native Spanish-speaking professionals to sharpen their speaking skills, Noemí pulled together the 20 members needed to charter, including experienced Toastmaster and the Club Mentor Terry Joyce.

Mentorship was a crucial aspect to this group as many members were new to public speaking and to Toastmasters. This initial investment on behalf of the experienced Toastmasters in helping newcomers to develop their leadership skills set the standard for Spanish Bilingual SF and became a hallmark of the group: engaged, invested in each other, and passionate about moving forward together!

Since its inception, Spanish Bilingual SF has attracted individuals who are intentional about their personal and leadership development. Today, it’s understood that by joining this unique group, personal goals can be achieved with the help of a community that we all want to be a part of: one that is thriving, supportive, and passionate.

Spanish Bilingual SF Toastmasters fue oficialmente fundado el 9 de abril de 2015. El club fue patrocinado por Noemí González, quien en ese entonces era Gobernadora de Área de Toastmasters. Noemí es bilingüe, de hecho, es intérprete profesional. Aprovechando la creciente necesidad de aquellos profesionistas que hablan español, tanto de cuna como de segundo idioma, de refinar sus habilidad de comunicarse en este idioma, Noemí reunió a los 20 integrantes necesarios para lograr la incorporación del club. Entre estos 20 Toastmasters se encontraba Terry Joyce, un Toastmaster con experiencia quien se convirtió en el mentor (tutor) del club.

La tutoría fue un aspecto crucial para este grupo ya que muchos de sus nuevos integrantes eran neófitos en el área de oratoria y de Toastmasters. Esta inversión inicial de los Toastmasters con experiencia, cuyo propósito era desarrollar a los recién ingresados a desarrollar sus dotes de liderazgo, fijó el estándar de Spanish Bilingual SF y se convirtió en un sello distintivo del grupo: ¡somos participativos, invertimos los unos en los otros y nos apasiona avanzar unidos hacia nuestras metas!

Desde su inicio, Spanish Bilingual SF ha atraído a personas que tienen un propósito claro con respecto a su superación personal y profesional. Hoy en día, es conocido que al unirse a este grupo tan único, las personas pueden lograr sus metas personales con el apoyo de una comunidad de la que todos desearían tomar parte: que es próspera, alentadora y apasionada.

Mailing Charter Packet

Chartered April 9, 2015