Mentorship Program | Programa de Mentoría

Guidance, practice, feedback

Spanish Bilingual SF has a solid mentorship program we have developed following the guidance of our long-term members who have achieved success serving in leadership positions in Toastmasters International-Northern California Edition. This allows us to benefit from their expertise and offer it to our members, always following the Pathways program that help us to improve our leadership and skills in communications.

Nothing beats learning like doing. I’ve always known that the best way to get good at anything is through practice, practice and more practice. However, I’ve also learned that the wrong type of practice can lead to us reinforcing an imperfect technique. Therefore, my thinking has evolved from trying to aim for more and more practice, to seeking out proper guidance, practice and finally the right feedback.Toastmasters has been the perfect solution that I was seeking to become a better speaker. Through Pathways, I get the proper guidance. By speaking in our meetings I get to practice in a safe environment. And my Toastmasters peers provide me direct feedback.

Pathways is the result of years of work by professionals that have studied the art of public speaking. It provides members with a solid structure so that we know how to break such a complex topics into levels and projects, but Pathways also provides Toastmasters members with the flexibility to adapt their learning journey to each member’s style and interests. Pathways offers eleven different paths, tailoring to a diverse set of interests. Members can decide to go for more traditional skill sets such as “Dynamic Leadership” or ‘Effective Coaching,” but they can also go for more fun paths like “Engaging in Humor.” Even within each Path, members have the option to pick from several electives during certain levels.

Pathways gives members the proper guidance. It’s up to members to follow through and practice. The best advice I can give as a VPE to members that want to improve and make progress on their Pathways is to do what our most fast-paced member, Martha, did at our club. She set a goal for herself of finishing her Pathways before a given date, and then she worked backwards from that scheduling all her speeches way ahead of time. Martha and I started the program at about the same time, and she’s just completed level four, while I’m just starting level three! So follow Martha’s steps and schedule all your speeches today. The rest you can leave it up to your members. The Toastmasters community will always give you the best feedback you can imagine.

Join us at Spanish Bilingual SF! We will provide you with a mentor to guide you to succeed.

Fernando Martinez, Former Vice President of Education.

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