This FAQ answers most of the questions we receive from site visitors, and gives you instructions for further contacts with us, including how to visit our meetings. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page.

What is the mission of the Spanish Bilingual SF Toastmasters club?

  • To be a welcoming and supportive community of speakers of both Spanish and English.  
  • To help native speakers of both languages become more fluent in their 2nd language, while enhancing our overall communication and leadership skills.  
  • To have a great time together, in a challenging and fast-paced Toastmasters meeting, which is two meetings in one: one in each language!    
  • To occasionally eat tacos and drink cerveza and Tequila, after the meeting!

In what sense are you “bilingual”?

In the truest sense we can think of! Each meeting is really two meetings in one: an English segment, and after a short break, ¡un segmento en español! 

Each segment includes: 1-2 prepared speeches, formal speech evaluations, and impromptu speaking opportunities (Table Topics / Temas de mesa). 

We are the only Spanish Bilingual Toastmasters club in Northern California!

What IS Toastmasters anyway?

Ah! A very good question! Visit www.toastmasters.org to learn in general what Toastmasters is.

When and where does the club meet?

We meet every Thursday at 6:30pm at 420 Montgomery St. (near California St.) in San Francisco. Meetings start promptly and end quite close to the target 8:00pm (90 minutes total).

Are walk-in visits allowed?

¡Ay, no!  It’s very important that you request a visit at least one day in advance of our meeting. This ensures that you are added to building security’s admission list, and are properly welcomed by our members.  

How do I request a visit?

  • Email vpmembership@clubbilinguesf.org at least one day in advance of your visit.
  • Clearly specify (in either language) the date of the meeting you wish to attend and your full name as it appears on your photo ID. 
  • Wait for an email confirmation from the VP of Membership. 
  • Building security will not let you in unless you are on the guest list.
  • That confirmation will include further instructions for coming to our meeting room.

Do I need to speak both Spanish and English?

Consider that half the meeting is in English, and half is in Spanish. If you are adequately comfortable with your skills in the language that is harder for you, please do come visit! That’s the best way to tell if the club might be of help to you. 

As a member, you will be expected to try your best in both languages.  We discourage using the other language during a language segment except to ask for la palabra ideal.

How would I join the club?

You’ll receive membership information when you visit the club. The general process is as follows:
  1. Attend at least 2 meetings of the club. (If already a Toastmaster, at least 1.)
  2. Fill out the Membership Application.
  3. Your candidacy will be voted on by the members, usually at the next club meeting.
  4. If voted in as a club member-elect, you will be receive an invoice from the club treasure.
The club is currently open to new membership, and has added plenty of new members recently. 

How much does it cost to join?

Depending on the month you join, a new member fee will be in the $60 - $105 range. Current member renewal dues are $60 every six months (subject to change). See the "costs" section of the membership process document for more details.

I don’t want to visit, but have a question I’d like your club to help answer.

Email info@clubbilinguesf.org with your question. You can expect a response from the appropriate club officer within a few business days.