Club Leadership


President: Terry Joyce, ACB, ALB

Terry was born in Chicago and raised in a suburb with nary a Spanish speaker in hearing range. He was fascinated to discover his roommate at University of Chicago was fluent in Spanish! Obtaining that level of proficiency with el idioma hermoso is a goal and a hobby, along with other languages he studies (Portuguese, French and Japanese), and fly-fishing, wines and spirits, guitar, and of course Toastmasters! During a long career in computer tech, his fear of public speaking was exposed as he rose to senior management. He finally addressed it by getting started with Toastmasters in 2007. Imagine his delight when good friends started Northern California's only Spanish Bilingual Toastmasters club! He's very pleased to be a charter member and the club mentor, as well as President this term. 

VP of Education: Joe Little, ACB, ALB

Joe grew up speaking Spanish -  the eldest of two hijos of a mamá mexicana. A native of Montreal, Canada, he has been a Toastmaster since 2014. He moved to San Francisco in early 2017, joining Spanish Bilingual SF four months later. He brings with him professional coaching experience in 3 languages; improvisational comedy training; and a lifetime of love for the beautifully nuanced art of public speaking. He gets his thrills from water sports or martial arts. Stimulation from poker or a good chess match. Leisure from jigsaw puzzles, billiards or a good jazz tune. But for Joe, an evening at the Club, followed by tacos & drinks with its great people, does it all.

VP of Membership: Leslie Sigala

Leslie is a native Spanish Speaker originally from Southern California and moved to San Francisco, Ca to receive her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology. She worked as a Bilingual Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and Bilingual Mental Clinician in the Mission, currently work as Bilingual Mental Health Practitioner in Marin County.  Due to her continuous work with fluent Spanish Speaking families, particularly children and their parents, she continues work on improving her Spanish skills. When she is not a Toastmaster, she is novice photographer.

VP of  of Public Relations: Karem Rodriguez, CC, CL

Karem was born in Veracruz, Mexico and she is very proud of her Jarocha roots. She loves traveling; during one of her journeys she came to San Francisco and decided to stay a little bit longer. Karem joined the Spanish Bilingual Toastmaster since the beginning as a way to practice her communication skills in English and help others to improve their Spanish.

Secretary: Kitzzy Aviles, ACB, ALB 
Area D6 Director, Immediate Past President

Kitzzy was born and raised in Puerto Rico until she was 12, when she moved to Orlando, FL. She lived in Florida until moving to San Francisco in 2012. As she became fluent in English, her Spanish began to fade away and she felt like a stranger in her own country whenever she visited. She joined Spanish Bilingual SF in 2015 to help her get back to her roots and for Spanish to feel like her native tongue again. When she's not at a Toastmasters event, Kitzzy enjoys running marathons and hiking to take in the views atop mountains. Her favorite place to visit and hike is Zion National Park in Utah. 

Treasurer: Erika Padilla

Erika grew up in a small town in Mexico called Mezcala, and migrated to the United States at the age of nine years old. She first learned about toastmasters from a friend and decided to join this particular club because English is her second language and being around other people whose primary language might not be English made her feel more comfortable. So far, she has been working on speeches from the Competent Communicator Manual and found the experience to be challenging but also rewarding. Her goal is to continue to develop her public speaking skills and leadership abilities, as these things are very necessary in most- if not all- professional careers. She looks forward to more leaning and meeting new members at our club!

Sargent at Arms: Luis Alvarado, CC

Luis has been member of Toastmasters for almost four years being part of Spanish Bilingual SF since the beginning. Luis likes to play sports, especially: basketball, soccer, and cycling. He likes to play chess, sing karaoke and dance. He is the happiest when doing outdoor activities with family and friends.