Who We Are

Our Officers

 Kitzzy Aviles Kitzzy Aviles, CC, ALB President Kitzzy was born and raised in Puerto Rico until she was 12, when she moved to Orlando, FL. She lived in Florida until moving to San Francisco in 2012. As she became fluent in English, her Spanish began to fade away and she felt like a stranger in her own country whenever she visited. She joined Club Bilingüe in 2015 to help her get back to her roots and for Spanish to feel like her native tongue again. When she's not at a Toastmasters event, Kitzzy enjoys running marathons and hiking to take in the views atop mountains. Her favorite place to visit and hike is Zion National Park in Utah.

Angel Abrego
VP Education 
Angel was born in Mexico and 3 years ago he moved to the United States to pursue his career as a Software Developer. He started learning English as a second language since he was a child but it was until he participated in two cultural exchange programs at Singapore and Germany that he was able to practice his English and use it for real. As Vice President of Education, his interest is to support members their personal journeys and help them to reach the next level on their communication and leadership skills
Luis Alvarado
Sargent at Arms

Luis has been member of Toastmasters for almost four years being part of Club Bilingue since the beginning. Luis likes to play sports, especially: basketball, soccer, and cycling. He likes to play chess, sing karaoke and dance. He is the happiest when doing outdoor activities with family and friends.
  Magdy Hurtado
VP Public Relations

Magdy is a middle child, a mindful foodie, and a Queer Xicana. She was born and raised in Modesto, CA and now lives in Oakland, CA with her beautiful wife. Magdy is passionate about Zumba, crafts nights with wine (more wine, less crafts) and spending time with her family and friends. She joined Toastmasters the same day she survived giving a speech to an audience of 100 people and living to tell about it. Finding such a unique and loving club such as Club Bilingue has helped her break out of her non-perfect Spanglish-speaking shell!
Terry Joyce
I was born in Chicago and raised in a suburb with nary a Spanish speaker in hearing range.   I was fascinated to discover my roommate at University of Chicago was fluent in Spanish! Obtaining that level of proficiency with el idioma hermoso is a goal and a hobby, along with other languages I study (Portuguese, French and Japanese), and flyfishing, wines and spirits, guitar, and of course Toastmasters!   During a long career in computer tech, my fear of public speaking was exposed as I rose to senior management.   I finally addressed it by getting started with Toastmasters in 2007.   Imagine my delight when good friends started Northern California's only Spanish Bilingual Toastmasters club!  I'm very pleased to be a charter member and the club mentor, as well as Treasurer this term.
Francisco Reinking

Francisco was born in Mexico City and was raised in Southern California. He joined Club Bilingüe to band together with the fantastic community of members, to train his powers of memory with prepared speeches, and to strengthen his hold on verb conjugations in Spanish. He enjoys books and translation. He resides in Oakland with his wonderful wife, and his cat and dog, who are wonderful too.

  Ana K. Osorio
VP Membership          
Ana is from Venezuela, she moved to SF last year 2015. She joined club Bilingue in a way to improve her English, meeting new people and improving her communication and leadership skills as well. While she is not in toastmaster she enjoy do workout and any kind of outdoors activity. She is still getting to know the city but she loves it so far.

Enrique Mogollan

Enrique was born and raised in San Miguel de Allende, in the heart of Mexico. He joined Club Bilingüe because he wants to improve his communication skills in both languages. While Enrique is not in Toastmasters he works as a software engineer while trying to discover the world. He enjoys traveling and reading.